Agreement Reached in NYC School Safety Agent Gender Discrimination Case

During Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s reign, the Teamsters Local 237 labor union brought suit against the City of New York for gender discrimination.  The case was filed on behalf of school safety agents that were members of the union. The majority of agents are women and the basis of their discrimination claim is that special officers that work for other city agencies, more of which are men, are paid a higher salary.  They allege that under these circumstances, the difference in pay qualifies as gender discrimination.

After feminist protests and media campaigns urging the City and the Mayor to do something about the gender discrimination, a settlement agreement has been reached.  The agreement is contingent on court approval but includes retroactive pay for workers that were discriminated against.  More than 5,000 workers that have been employed for three or more years will be entitled to a $7,000 payment to make up for the lower salary.  The City will be responsible for paying out around $38 million in retro-pay to injured workers. Accompanying the settlement is a new employment contract for Local 237 members that will cost the City approximately $192 million.  Under the new contract, workers will start at a slightly lower salary than they did previously, but their pay will increase significantly by their seventh year of service.  

Local 237 president, Greg Floyd, has said that although it did not happen as quickly as he would have liked, he is happy with the settlement.  All in all, things are looking up for NYC workers under the new mayor.  De Blasio has continuously claimed to be committed to doing the right thing for workers and has negotiated new contracts for a number of unions in recent months.

Employment discrimination is a serious matter that can have an effect on your livelihood.  If you believe that you have been the victim of employment discrimination you should consult with a qualified employment law attorney today.  Call New York City attorney Thomas M. Lancia at (212)964-3157 to schedule an appointment to discuss your case.