Employers: You Need an Employment Law Attorney

Why is it critical for employers to have a company handbook?

Whether you are just starting your new business or have been running your business for years, it is critically important that you secure the assistance of an employment law attorney.  As a business owner, nearly every aspect of your job involves laws and potential legal issues. Managing your employees will form one of the greatest challenges in your field, and employment issues can raise a host of legal issues.  Our NYC employment law attorneys discuss some of the top situations that should require a call to an employment law attorney below.

Creating An Employee Handbook

If you do not yet have an employee handbook, or if your handbook is out of date, you will want to make an appointment with an employment law attorney. Your handbook will set the conditions of your employment relationship with your employees.  A handbook written on your own could potentially create a binding employment contract with your employees or allow for policies that violate state or federal law.

Your employment handbook will define critical employment rules, like when an employee is eligible to take sick days or leave and what the laws are for overtime.  Your handbook should further protect you from potential litigation by outlining your policies against discrimination and notifying employees as to how they should report instances of sexual or other acts of discrimination that could occur in the workplace.  In sum, with your handbook covering so many ground rules for the terms of employment, it is critical that you engage the assistance of a licensed local attorney.

Complying With Department of Labor Inquiries

It is possible that you could one day find yourself the target of a Department of Labor investigation.  The Department of Labor may find themselves investigating a company if a current or former employee reports alleged unlawful conduct involving employee pay, overtime pay, breaks, and more.  While a call from the Department of Labor is nothing to panic about, it is crucial that you consult with an employment law attorney at the first signs of a potential DOL issue so that you can protect yourself.

Handling a Harassment Claim

If an employee has come to you with a complaint of unlawful harassment, you will want to immediately contact an employment law attorney.  Harassment matters must be promptly and carefully addressed as they can lead to potentially costly litigation. Your attorney will assist you in responding to the complaint and addressing the matter so that you are in compliance with the law.