How Do You Avoid Copyright Infringement?

Copyright is a form of intellectual property protection that is designed to prevent creators from having their original works used without permission. Copyright protections extend to original works expressed in a tangible medium. Basically, anything that you can see, hear, or read has copyright protection. In this digital age, accessing and distributing works of others has never been easier. Copyright protections are designed to protect creators of original works because they have the right to decide if a person can use his or her creative products and, if so, how. There are plenty of misunderstandings when it comes to copyright law it is important that, in the midst of what can be widely distributed misinformation, that you know how to avoid copyright infringement. Otherwise, you risk being sued or fined pursuant to violating the Copyright Act.

How Do You Avoid Copyright Infringement?

The first step you can take to avoiding copyright infringement is to always assume that a work is protected by federal copyright. Assume this until you confirm otherwise and you will have taken a big step towards avoiding the violation of copyright protections. If you did not create a work, look for licensing information and see if you need permission before you access or use the work in any way.

In addition to being cautious in accessing or using a work created by someone else, educating yourself on copyright protections and licensing information regarding works you are looking to use can go a long way in preventing copyright infringement. The license of a work will outline the rules for use. Be thorough in reviewing licensing terms to avoid problems. In addition to reading licensing information, get informed on the trust about copyright laws. There are so many urban legends about copyright law. Review reliable sources of information regarding copyright laws and permissible uses of works under copyright protection.

Even those works subject to copyright protections are available to use in some situations. For instance, fair use of a work for something like educational or another kind of non-commercial purpose will likely exempt you from copyright infringement. Even if your accessing of a work is considered “fair use,” you still need to consider the extent of your use of the protected work and how substantial your use of the work is. You should also consider how your use of the protected work may impact that market value of the work.

Copyright Attorney

In sum, you should talk to knowledgeable copyright attorney Thomas M. Lancia before accessing or using a work subject to copyright protections. Attorney Lancia can help you avoid copyright infringement. Engaging in copyright infringement can be expensive. It can lead to loss of financial resources and time. Preventing copyright infringement on the front end is a way better option than dealing with the consequences of engaging in copyright infringement. Attorney Lancia is here to answer all of your copyright questions. Contact us today.