Wrongful Termination

Monday, September 9, 2019

Former Tinder Executive Sues Company for Wrongful Termination

What are the grounds for a claim of wrongful termination?

A former executive of the popular dating app Tinder, Inc. has filed suit against Tinder’s parent companies alleging both sexual assault and wrongful termination. Rosette Pambakian worked as the vice president of marketing and communications at Tinder starting in 2012. During that time, Gregory Blatt acted as the chief executive.
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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Former Jack in the Box Employee Awarded $15 Million in Wrongful Termination Case

What are the grounds for a viable wrongful termination action?

A Los Angeles Superior Court recently awarded a former Jack in the Box employee $15 million in damages following her wrongful termination. The substantial award will be contested by the San Diego based restaurant chain. Employees nationwide will want to review the case and follow the appeal to learn more about the grounds for wrongful termination. Every year, millions of employees will lose their jobs for various reasons, many not explained.  While most employment is at will, there are certain protected reasons that make it Read more . . .

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Chipotle Forced to Pay Wrongfully Terminated Employee $8 Million

What damages could I receive if my employer has wrongfully terminated me?

A Fresno, California jury recently awarded a former Chipotle manager with $8 million for her wrongful termination. Jeannette Ortiz was a manager of the Shaw and Cedar Chipotle location in 2015.

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Monday, May 4, 2015

The “At Will” Employment Doctrine and Wrongful Termination

When Can New York State Employers Fire an At Will Employee?

Employees in New York State need to understand that, under at-will employment laws, they may be fired by their employers for almost any reason and without warning.  Although some exceptions to at-will employment exist (for reasons relating to, for instance, sexual harassment and discrimination) workers in New York State actually have less protection than workers in most other states.

New York is one of seven states that does not have public policy exceptions to the at-will employment doctrine. Public policy exceptions forbid firings for reasons such as:

  • Reporting of workplace safety hazards;
  • Opposition to an employer’s criminal activities;
  • Reporting of business practices that could harm the public in violation of specific laws, regulations and acts; and
  • Other acts relating to business practices that are inconsistent with public policies.

A wrongful termination case that recently concluded in the District of Columbia demonstrates the difficulties workers may face when challenging a wrongful termination.

In 2013, Alvin Hoff sued his former employer Wiley Rein LLP following his dismissal. Mr. Hoff claimed that:

  • He had been pressured by his superior to falsely give a direct report a satisfactory review;
  • When an unsatisfactory review was issued, the direct report claimed he had been given the poor review because the he had refused to lend Mr. Hoff money; and

That he was fired as a result of the direct report’s accusation.

Following his termination, Mr. Hoff filed a wrongful termination suit, arguing that the request by his superior to falsify the employee review violated laws prohibiting fraudulent business activities and the local Human Rights Act. That violation, he continued, would have put him within the exception to the “at will” doctrine because it involved legal fraud provisions, and because his discharge resulted directly from refusing to commit these violations.

The trial court disagreed, as did the appeals court that handled the case last month, stating that Hoff did not prove fraud would have occurred had he followed his employer’s directions.

Employee terminations can feel unfair and even heinous; yet prove to be fully legal under at-will employment laws. If you have questions regarding employment termination in New York, get answers and, if warranted, knowledgeable and aggressive legal help. Contact Thomas M. Lancia in Manhattan by calling (212)964-3157 for a consultation today.

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