New York City to Raise Fast Food Minimum Wage

How will the increase in minimum wage for fast food employees in New York City work?

After almost three years of protest, on July 22, 2015, New York City passed a law that will gradually increase the wages of employees of fast-food chain establishments to $15 an hour over the next few years. Recommended by a panel appointed by Governor Andrew Cuomo, this wage increase will move forward at an accelerated pace for workers in New York City, an area where the cost of living is higher than in the rest of the state. 

For supporters of increasing the minimum wage to lessen income disparity, these latest recommendations by the appointed panel are a welcomed step in the right direction. The law, expected to be made effective by the state’s acting commissioner of labor, Mario J. Musolino, is designed to ensure that employees of chains like McDonald’s will soon earn enough to meet the basic needs of themselves and their families. As the minimum wage existed prior to the implementation of this law, fast food workers had been earning $8.75 per hour, in many cases subsisting only with the assistance of welfare benefits like food stamps.

Keeping up with newly enacted laws, such as the increased minimum wage in New York State, ensures that companies remain on the cutting edge of impactful information. Whether or not firms are located in New York, remaining in touch with current changes and trends is important for growth and prosperity. 

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