Success Stories

We recently obtained a significant, six figure settlement in a disability discrimination case against one of the largest law firms in the world.

A six figure settlement was procured on behalf of a young “intern” in a failure to pay wages case.

We defended an Asian-American teacher against copyright infringement charges, which were ultimately dismissed against him.

We secured a high, six figure settlement on behalf of a company that had lost money due to the ineptitude of one of its suppliers.

In a case I handled, the court entered a seven figure judgment for a woman psychologically impaired as a result of severe and pervasive abuse.

In November of 2015, after a protracted battle against several law firms, the firm forced an interior designer to compensate her unpaid “consultant.”

Summary judgement was recently obtained against plaintiff in a fraud case he brought against our client, a company that provides nutritious school lunches for children. The decision was upheld unanimously on appeal by the First Department.

We have successfully resolved a bevy of federal civil actions against major banks, private equity funds and other companies for copyright infringement and breach of licensing agreements stemming from the unlawful use of websites.

We recently secured a favorable financial settlement for a sexually harassed executive whose employment was terminated because she would not consent to her supervisor’s untoward advances.

The firm helped to get a trainer reinstated to his job with full back pay at no cost to him after he had been fired and discriminated against because of his race and sexual orientation by a major nonprofit organization.

We helped a small community bank collect full recovery of funds owed after one of its clients had assigned its accounts receivables to the bank and a third party account debtor failed to pay the bank though notified of the assignment.

We helped a client vacate a judgment obtained against her based on a forged guarantee procured by a major bank.

We have helped a new doctor seeking to work at a VA Hospital in Los Angeles maneuver a bureaucratic thicket in New York to obtain her California medical license. We also secured a favorable settlement on the eve of trial on behalf of a hard-working executive denied his profit share by the unscrupulous boss of…

Despite facing a team of outstanding lawyers from one of the most prominent law firms in the country, we successfully defended a suit brought by the most successful organization in sports against one of our clients for using one of the world’s best known trademarks.

We have represented a top five financial conference company as outside general counsel for almost twenty years, where we played a key role in its creation by drafting the company’s first shareholders’ agreement and obtaining a dismissal of the trade secret suit brought against the company that threatened its very existence immediately after it was…

We obtained a substantial settlement, including attorneys’ fees, for an administrative assistant who was fired due to her disability.

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