Disability Discrimination: What do I do about it?

If you think that your employer is discriminating against you because you’re disabled you need to ask for an interactive process. You need to begin that. Which means you go to your employer and you have a discussion about what kind of reasonable accommodations can be made so that you can do your job and the employer can get the benefit of you doing your job. Sometimes it’s really complicated, sometimes it’s as simple as a $20 stool, which happened in one of my cases. All my client needed to do was put her leg up on a stool and that would have solved the problem almost completely. I got into disability discrimination and those types of cases because I have a special needs son and I would hate to see him discriminated against in his employment. And so it’s easy for me to translate that empathy to my clients. If you feel you’ve been discriminated against because of your disability please give me a call and lets run through your options.